White Mountain (known in the Japanese version as ホワイトマウンテン Howaito Maunten White Mountain) is a snow-covered city in the North region of the Choro-Q HG 2 world. It is towered, most notably, by the White Mountain and is full of houses.


White Mountain was named after the mountain that towers over the "city". It is divided into two parts, the west & the east. The west is home to the mountain and Q's Factory, while the east is home to mini-games, a millionaire and even Santa Claus. The theme of the buildings are a typical Scandinavian style, and are made out of nearby coniferous trees.


Link to Peach TownEdit

It is also possible to get back to Peach Town. If you take the road that takes you past Curling, it will lead you to a tunnel that opens out to a picturesque pathway past forests and mountains. Eventually you get back to the road by the Windmills. This road is especially useful in the Q's Rally.

There is also a way to get from Peach Town to White Mountain, skipping a sizeable portion of the game. To do so, drive onto the side of the cliff facing the sea and jet turbine your way up the cliff. Then go down the river path and you will find a tunnel that goes into an enormous cliff with a waterfall. This tunnel takes you to Keitel's house in White Mountain. Whereas this does take lots of practice to master, it is useful when trying to collect miles and you want to go from Peach Town to White Mountain. Other than that, it's pretty useless.

Link to Papaya IslandEdit

White Mountain is well known for having a tunnel which is often used by players visiting Papaya Island for the first time. At the end of the tunnel the player falls into the Grand Ocean and finds a temple which a black bus called "Orpheus" is circulating. The temple is inhabited by a car, which on meeting you for the first time, gives you the propeller and rear wing for your car. He also gives you the directions to get to Papaya Island. The propeller and rear wing can then be used to get to Cloud Hill.


Characters that Move to My CityEdit

Character that Moves to Papaya IslandEdit

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  • It is home to Santa Claus.
  • It is the largest city in terms of area.
  • It is the fourth most populated city.
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