aka James Samuel Ross

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  • I live in Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
  • I was born on August 3
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

About meEdit

My name used to be DRAGUNOV30000 but changed it to Crescendospectredragon (or call me Crescendodragon for short, if you want). I am the third European representative of the Choro Q fandom, the others being Tigernose who founded the Choro Q Wiki and bigworldruler; I hail from the United Kingdom where Choro Q HG 3 was released in along with every country across both the islands and mainland of Europe.

About my CQ video gamesEdit

Road Trip Adventure is my favourite game, it is awesome until I sold it and I would have decided to re-order it but maybe some other time, then I got Gadget Racers and Choro Q HG 4. They are the greatest experienced games I've ever played in my life until I have sold them because I want more money to buy an Xbox 360, I have never bought Seek and Destroy in the last 5 years. In 2009 I have ordered Choro Q HG 3 and Seek and Destroy for my 15th birthday, they are really good cult classics. I missed the other two Choro Q games, they were dead good to play. This year, I have downloaded Road Trip Adventure on my PS3, my original character and avatar is a white and dark green Jaguar XJ200.

My other accountsEdit

  • Facebook: James Samuel Ross
  • Kongregate: Crescendodragon
  • DeviantArt: Crescendodragon
  • TV Tropes: Kuresshendotora
  • PlayStation 3: Kuresshendotora
  • PlayStation 4: Ambientage (I was meant to type in "Kuresshendotora" as mentioned above but made a mistake and it is quite a long story so I stuck with it)
  • YouTube: James Samuel Ross (I abhor Google+ for prohibiting newcomers like me to type in our personal usernames as always to this very day)

Trivia on Choro Q SeriesEdit

  • My nan bought me a Road Trip Adventure game.
  • I played it for 6 years.
  • I sold it because I wanted money for the Xbox 360
  • I now got a new one.
  • I took it to my friend's house in New Ruttington Lane.
  • From the last 14 months I have ordered Gadget Racers and then I ordered Seek and Destroy for my 15th birthday.
  • Like I said, I now have Road Trip Adventure on my PlayStation 3 console.

Myself in Real LifeEdit

  • I am of German descent.
  • I am interested in Japanese (especially the cars and games), Egyptian, Maori, Native American and Chinese cultures...
  • I love anime and videogames. That is what I might have in common with LunaHydreigon.
  • I used to be a Christian, but I abandoned it and chose to believe in spirits and recall my ancestors. Thus, this is the main tradition of Shintoism, that I unofficially am.
  • For all of my hardest work on this wiki, Tigernose has promoted me to administrator.
  • I am a Canterbury College student.
  • I am second to none when it comes to art...traditionally.

My car avatar in Road Trip AdventureEdit

I used to call my car Darren, but I do not recall what his car avatar is nor his colours. I should get this game again. My personal avatar for the Choro Q Wiki is a dark green and orange Jaguar XJ200, but now I got a new colour scheme for this when I replayed RTA on my PS3; the car is white and dark green.

My car avatar in Gadget RacersEdit

I called my car Dragunov, he used to be a black and purple Toyota Supra but I now turned him into a white McLaren F1.

My tank in Seek and DestroyEdit

I called my tank Crescendo, he is a Challenger with Angel Wings, SP Engine, laser, etc.


  • Watching anime, e.g. Shakugan no Shana, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, Binbougami Ga!
  • Playing games on Kongregate.
  • Doing art and posting them on my deviantArt account.
  • Playing video games, e.g. Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, Yakuza 5, Samurai Warriors
  • Constructing my ideas for my eight video game sagas, for more details check out my profile on deviantArt. Here is the link:

i like itEdit

  • The icon of all internet businesses.
  • Sensational, very common to most interns alike.
  • This is where lots of young people get their first amateur job.
  • Brilliant, like nothing else.
  • The paradise of browsing.
  • There is nothing more majestic than this piece of work.
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