• I finally finish the game again which finished off the Choro Q Wikia's pages for RTA. So it shouldn't be missing anything aside from Bodies which I oddly don't have (so I'm trying to head to My City and figure out if they are all there now).

    I do have a lot of emails... (300 of them, sheesh), Would you prefer screenshoting the pictures or do you want them to be written out?

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    • I would think that they can be written out. Anyway, good work on finally fulfilling every Choro Q HG 4 detail.

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    • You mean HG2. Cx Catching those Teams were so hard, I manage to revert the darkness on GIMP so that it was clear and the correct color. And also goodjob to you too! I am not a person who know my cars and I fail at descriptions which is why I usually don't touch or just barely type much. ^^;

      I'll see what I can do, Lol It's going to be very VERY long.

      Should we make seperate pages like:

      Choro Q HG 3 E-mail

      Choro Q HG 4 E-mail


      Choro Q HG 2 E-mail?'


      If Tigernose was here he (am I correct?) would be very pleased to see that everyone here is working hard which is now complete, well on the HG 2 part. xD

      I'm going to go work on HG 4 or 3, I am going to do Seek and Destroy last due to the fact I still need to design the temples for shells, engines, cats, etc (the horror of coding). That's the most needed thing on this wikia now.

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    • I never usually do any digital techniques virtually like you do, but if I had to take a picture of myself playing the game and then upload it here I must make sure it is clear, although I do not think my smartphone would have the same graphics as the realistic movement we are always in.

      I would disagree with separate pages for E-Mails. I would just leave it be and fill in the missing E-Mails, also I could move Puntek's letter to there right now.

      Do not forget about the Choroyter Times and Oznan's Fervid Notes pages. They still need to be completed.

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    • It's really hard though. especially when you are angled in a way which shows "Wrong Way". And the fact the cars were doing a konga line weren't helping. xD

      Ok I understand, I'll try writing them down on a doc to figure out which are repeats and which are not.

      I've decided to do HG 3 so I can figure out how to play the game and because I've played HG 4 countless of times. Cx

      I'll do my best on Choroyter times and the Notes while I figure out how to get to Noise City, or WHERE Noise City's entrance is. Lol

      (I said I too much, bleh)

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