• Oh thank you so much for editing the errors on Abikan and Sally. xD I think it happened when a vandalism occured confusing me and Royal when we were editing. Will you be active? If so I will see to getting Collagen, the Wikia Coder to fix your name to red and I will add your name to the front page as an admin? :)

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    • Hello Luna,

      Thank you for seeing that you have caused a flaw on Akiban and Sally's "avatars" by accidentally muddling their names and body types up.

      As you might know, I too am an administrator throughout the years. Since Tigernose had to leave, he left me in charge and I will not reject my duties to improving everything here. I am always active when available as long as I do not have anything else worth doing at home or at college. If you add my name on the front page, that will be splendid.


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    • Ok! I'll be sure to edit it and get Collagen to add the CCS code. ;)

      Anyways feel free to fix up the FAQ (I got lost on trying to make it. Lol) as you might know more FAQ than me as I only joined this year. And be sure to check the To-Do List I made, those are pages I covered and have their templates correct but need to have pictures/information. ;) (There is 25-20% of the wikia's pages listed on there I think.) 

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    • Oh! I don't think you knew this but: Tigernose gave ownership to Gerarghini in which he told Royaltf427 and I to make sure pages have the correct names for their "Appearences"

      So this is the change:

      Road Trip Adventure ---> Choro Q HG 2

      Because it is that it is originally that name and it is to not confuse users as there are multiple names for RTA.

      Gadget Racers ---> Choro Q HG 3

      Because there are two Gadget Racers we have to deal with, it is to cause less confusion.

      and finally...

      ChoroQ ---> Choro Q HG 4

      Because that's it's original name, and all the Choro Q games all have "Choro Q" it's a bit confusing you see.

      Oh! Forget to answer the thank you thing.

      Not a problem! Glad to be here to help! :3 Tigernose actually left a thank you note a week or so ago on my userpage to be honest. Cx

      I'll be around but I learned my school blocks this site making me have a sad face. So I'll be on randomly on the weekdays trying to edit things here and there.

      Hope you also like the badges, I might fix some of them because I was using Choro Q Works's picture and I didn't know what was going on as it is in Japanese. Lol

      And finally feel free to thank the awesome coder Collagen as HE was the one to make this wikia's layout look spectacular! He works over at my TerraMonstersWorldGalaxy wikia you see. So he was kind enough to help us here.

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    • Good to know.

      I will only visit this site about three days a week so that saves me a lot of time on doing what I love most: art and video games.

      Hopefully when I go on here during my college days, they should not block access.

      I have worked so well that I created EVERY single page of everything plus the characters and hub levels then Tigernose promoted me, so right now I really deserve a lot of badges for all my hardest work in my previous years.

      Also, what I found so uncommon about this wiki is that they have their own fan-made art gallery. This is such a great idea to display works like you shown all of yours on there. Speaking of art, I have a deviantart account as well, so if you like to check it out, here is the link:

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    • Ok! ^^

      And lucky for you!

      Cool. :) Lol yes you do, I am quite confuse with the stats that Tigernose and you should have, you two should have at least 1,000 points. I don't know what happened and I don't think Collagen can repair it as it's based on wikia's stats, it might be because the badges were either disabled at the time back when this wikia was created, or an update caused a reset type problem. I edited like 4000 times... Oh gosh.

      Thanks! I thought it might inspire others like I to try to draw Choro Q, I plan to update them monthly as Pivix seems to have constant Choro Q pictures each month. Hm I think I spent 5 hours looking at 20 some pages or so full of pictures trying to find ones that are appropiate (hopefully) for this wikia. Lol Very few were found to be those +18 types, luckily!

      I actually started drawing Choro Q in April I think, so my style is like all different. :d I'm oddly a fast learner. Oh cool! You have a DeviantART too? I make Choro Q Literatures on mine. Well practically I do Choro Q HG 4 Walkthrough and (Bloopers Version ish) Let's Play Seek and Destroy which will be really messed up as I'm not editing things out and stuff. Lol And I have the literatures of Choro Q HG 4, HG 2, Seek and Destroy, and I'm just dumping stories here and there to fill in some biography for some of my characters.

      Oh! If you want to edit any other Choro Q HG 4 stuff, as I have not finished the "Parts" craze, I need to finish anything from the sub category: T-W.

      Use this website to help you, it's an abandoned official Choro Q HG 4 website by BHE. I've been using it and Royal says where are some secrets here and there about Choro Q HG 4, like the Rosspury Event, Watching Sparrows, etc and then some plans.

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    • Oh totally forgot to mention! When you are going over the pages can you change the templates into these? Otherwise if there is one that needs to be created to look like the red rounded templates, you can make it and I'll get Collagen to edit the coding so it matches the wikia. :3 It's a list of templates I gathered up and were fixed by him.

      Item Templates Place Templates  Character Games and Quest Templates
      Template:EngineInfobox Template:LocationInfobox Template:QuestInfobox
      Template:WheelInfobox Template:LandmarkInfobox Template:SADcharacterinfobox
      Template:Transbox Template:CharacterInfobox
      Template:TiresInfobox Template:GameInfobox
      Template:ItemInfobox Template:EnemyBox
      Template:BrakesBox Template:CQHG4CharacterInfoBox
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