• Thank you for sticking by Choro-Q Wikia's side for so long. I am here to offer you help with the mateirals. The material I provide can be pictures, unusable items, textures, quotes, text and probably something interesting. Here are the textures of Mitsubishi Pajero and the ball car. With those pictures you can do a comparsion between differences of the textures. Furthermore, I was also thinking about providing new pictures (Bodies with normal colors and racing paints) for the List of Body Information in Choro-Q HG. If interested, I will give you more details. 
    CQHG MitP Texture

    Mit. P. texture.

    CQHG BallTexture

    Body 000 Texture.

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    • I am interested in this offer. I was thinking about having both the standard color and racing color versions of each Choro-Q HG car on the page, as some cars (such as the Mitsubishi Starion) are currently shown in the racing color but others are only shown in regular colors. I noticed when playing Gadget Racers (Choro-Q HG) that the Volkswagen New Beetle technically has two racing colors, as the Silent White color on the New Beetle provided a paint scheme that was white but had yellow and red graphics and the number 8 on it, which was unusual for a standard color, yet the price was 50G. Maybe if the Choro-Q HG page is modified I can add trivia about this "second"  racing color if you can provide an image of the New Beetle with this paint scheme (in addition to its standard racing color).

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    • Excellent reply. You have taken notes about the white Beetle paint as well. In the Japanese version, there are more things on the white paint of beetle as well as many censorships in-game. Please add my discord account TheLazyCooper#8356 for more things and further information because Wikia is inconvenient for me. P.S. I aa unavailable in the CQU discord server.

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