• Ciao, I have seen you've been editing pages a lot. Are you interested in talking about Choro-Q games?

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    • Yes. I have a lot of knowledge on these games - I have played all of the Choro Q titles released in the United States and seen videos of other gamers playing the Choro Q titles not released in the United States.

      P.S. - I have not only become President on Choro Q HG 2 (Road Trip Everywhere where I'm from) but I've collected all 100 stamps. Still, it is fun to go back and play through the games again to refresh my mind in case I forget something.


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    • Impressive, you're one die-hard Choro-Q nerd like many of us do. I am Cooper, I am best known as for cheating on Choro-Q games. Like flying car and super speed in HG 2, text changing in HG 4. 

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    • P.S. You may join the Discord group because we've got many Choro-Q nerds there. I am sure everyone will love hearing from you.

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