Stamp 7
Stamp #007
is one of the bigger stamps in Choro-Q HG 2. The journey to complete the stamp takes you to many of the games cities.
  • A car named Fight in Peach Town sends you on the quest. He gives you a hero trading-card. This card is requested by a teal Nissan 240SX named Barton inside one of the skyscrapers in Sandpolis.
  • Wilde will then give you a "God's Rod" which you have to give to Uzumasa in Fuji City who lives in one of the houses near the noodle shop.
  • Uzumasa then gives you his signature (as he is a famous actor) which a pink car named Shirley in White Mountain desperately wants. Once you give the signature to her she gives you a rice ball.
  • You then have to go up to Cloud Hill and give the rice ball to a starving Acura Vigor named Williams outside the Q's Factory.
  • He gives you a canary recorder which you have to give to a green and brown Mazda Cosmos named Moisy on an island at the end of a wooden jetty in front of the Q's Factory in Papaya Island.
  • Moisy will then hand you a magazine which you can take back to Fight in Peach Town earning you the stamp.
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