Sliding Door Race
HG2 2PStop

2 Players Mode Artwork.

The Sliding Door Race is a popular mini-game located in the castle in Fuji City.


The main objective of the Sliding Door Race is to drive through sliding doors and brake to a stop on the finishing line. You must stop on the finish line before your opponent does in order to win. If your car does not reach the finish line before your opponent, you will lose. If you misjudge the stopping distance and fall into the water, or if you stop short of the finish line, you will lose. You simply go straight down a corridor. The doors in front of you slide open when you near them. The only participants in this mini-game (during 1-player) are yourself and the King of Fuji City.


  • (about the culture of Japan) These floors are Japanese mat, made of straw, and these are called tatami in Japan. The sliding doors covered with the Japanese paper, these are called fusuma in Japan. You may be able to see them, if you stay at a Japanese inn or hotel.
  • The Sliding Doors also appear in Fuji City's Temple race.
  • Pushing King until the very end can also result as a win.