Ski Jump
Ski Jump
(known in the Japanese version as ビュンビュン!ヒル (Byun-byun! Hill Zing-zing! Hill)) is a mini-game located in White Mountain. It is purely for entairtanment, however a stamp can be acquired from either visiting all the houses in White Mountain or getting a certain jump distance in the Ski Jump. It is based on the real life sport Ski Jumping.

Objective Edit

The aim of the game is to drive down a ski jump and end up as far as you can. The Flight Wing is disallowed, since use of it can excessively increase the distance you jump. Much like the Rainbow Jump, this requires experience, logic and intelligence. You have to choose the best place to accelerate from and best place to use your Jet Turbine, since the large slope can affect the direction of your car.

Trivia Edit

  • Since the game takes place in the actual ski jump in Adventure Mode, rather than an articifial enviroment, if you jump far enough you can end up in another region of Choro-Q HG 2. However, this is more likely when used with Devil Parts, since they can drive off further.
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