Rainbow Jump
The Rainbow Jump is a mini-game located in Cloud Hill. It is one of the two hardest games in Choro-Q HG 2.

Objective Edit

The aim of the game is to land on a floating island after driving over a ramp. The player needs to apply experience and intelligence, rather than raw speed to this game as one must choose where and when to accelarate and when to use the boost. The circular rainbows represent a guide to which the player must follow to reach the floating island. The most common flaw when one plays this is reaching the floating island, but not braking quick enough to stop on the island. Another flaw is when the player does not reach the floating island itself. Therefore, many people apply experience and aformentioned to this mini-game.

The Flight Wing doesn't work either, as all it would do will make you fly in the air non-stop.

Trivia Edit

  • This mini-game is of decreased difficulty when used with Devil Tires, since they stop very quickly. However, to get the Devil Tires, one must complete this mini-game first, along with completing another 99 stamps.
  • If you use your jet turbines right away, the car will stop dead at the ramp and will not be able to travel up it. This may be a phsyics glitch, and it is recommended to back up and then drive up the ramp.