Peach Town (known in the Japanese version as ピーチタウン Pīchi Taun Peach Town) is the first city in Choro-Q HG 2. It is a countryside town, and got its name from the high amounts of peach trees found there.


  • Peach Town East
  • Peach Town Police Station
  • Peach Town Roundabout
  • Peach Town Cafe

Peach Town is a classic-styled countryside town with basic brick houses. Since it is the starting point of the game, many useful cars and buildings can be found here. It isn't modernized in any way apart from a radio station, and there is a farm to the North along with the Grand Ocean. The urban area is in a form of a semi-circle and there are agricultural and topagraphic areas in the outskirts of Peach Town. The area is also home to Peach FM, one of the radio stations that you hear as you play the game.



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  • Peach Town is mentioned in Choro-Q HG 3, but you're unable to go there.
  • Peach FM is also mentioned in Choro-Q HG 3.