Nobizo is the owner of Fuji City's Noodle Shop. He advertises his shop and if you agree to his offer of a part-time advertisement job, you can put a Noodles sign on your car.

Every 1 mi (NTSC version) or 1 km (J, PAL, and SK versions) that you travel with the sign gives you 20 currency.


  • "Hello! Welcome! We have the best noodles ever! Huh? What? You're not a customer? Good for nothing. Don't come if you're not a customer! Wait! You may be of some use after all. You race around the world, right? I want you to advertise our tasty noodles. I want you to post our sign up while you drive. I'll give you 20 for each mile (NTSC version) or kilometre (J, PAL, and SK versions). Will you do it?"
  • (If the protagonist disagrees to take the part-time job) "Boo hoo, too bad. Good for nothing... Come again."
  • "Hello! Welcome! Huh? Hey! It's you! Did you come here for a job?"
  • (After the protagonist agrees to take the part-time job) "Good. You'll do it. This is our sign. I'll post it up! You can have your friends wear the sign too. Come back after you go a good distance."