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Mini Motor Racing WRT is a mobile racing game released in Mid-December 2014. Within the game is a collaboration of bringing back some Choro-Q models from the games.

The only way to get them is to trade them in for trophies, though there is a low chance to get one. They range around 4- to 6-star cars.

It has incredible HD graphics, over 30 new and classic tracks, league and challenge modes, club battles, massive single player career, officially licensed NissanKIA and Choro-Q (Penny Racer) vehiclesMini Motor Racing WRT is the ultimate racing experience for mobile.


The biggest little racer is back, and this time it's taking on the world! Mini Motor Racing WRT is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Mini Motor Racing (voted App Store Best Casual Game of 2012), and while Mini Motor Racing WRT features the same fast paced, top-down arcade fun, it takes the action to a whole new level. The gameplay is more engaging than ever thanks to a rich RPG-style career mode that lets you build a fleet of unique vehicles and assemble the finest hand-picked racing team in your quest to become the World Racing Tournament champion. And if that's not enough, take the challenge to the real world by forming a Race Club with your friends and go head to head with other racers from around the world. Mini Motor Racing WRT offers unparalleled racing action and depth.

Massive Career ModeEdit

Journey across the world, through dozens of vibrant environments, as you battle your way to the top of the World racing Tour.

Customizable VehiclesEdit

Spend race winnings to buy or build dozens of vehicles, then upgrade them to help handle a range of racing conditions, from tarmac to off-road to heavy rain.

Racing TeamsEdit

Staff your race team with the best mechanics, managers, and engineers, all with unique strengths and weaknesses that have in-game effects on your performance.

Race ClubsEdit

Team up with your friends and challenge other clubs to head-to-head battles with fame, glory, and massive prizes on the line.

Layout Mini Motors Edit

Choro-Q Bodies

In-Game Name Type of Car Star Rarity MMR Game Model Max Level Max Speed Max Nitro Max Corner Max Accel Type of Road

Acceleration Type

March Nissan March 2014 **** IMG 4767 50 191 57 94 110 Off Road Mid
Cube Nissan Cube 2014 **** IMG 4768 50 203 75 94 118 On Road Mid
Fairlady Z Nissan Fairlady Z 2014 ***** IMG 4769 60 216 62 118 136 On Road (Wet) Early
X-Trail T31 Nissan X-Trail T31 2013 ***** IMG 4770 60 215 62 113 126 Off Road Late
GT-R 32 Nissan GT-R 32 ***** IMG 4891 60 227 62 119 140 On Road Mid
Silvia S13 Nissan Silvia S13 ***** IMG 4890 60 216 62 120 133 On Road (Wet) Mid
Elgrand Nissan Elgrand 2014 ***** IMG 4771 60 210 62 113 123 Off Road (Wet) Late
Serena Nissan Serena 2014 ***** IMG 4772 60 206 62 116 123 Off Road (Wet) Mid
Silvia S15 Nissan Silvia (S15) ****** IMG 5899 70 240 67 145 153 On Road (Wet) Early
GT-R 35 Nissan GT-R 35 ****** IMG 5900 70 252 67 145 157 On Road Mid
GT-R 33 Nissan GT-R 33 ****** IMG 5901 70 247 67 142 155 On Road Early
GT-R 34 Nissan GT-R 34 ******* IMG 5902 70 243 67 148 152 On Road (Wet) Mid
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