Dan the q wolf

aka henrique

  • I live in santiago rs brazil
  • I was born on January 15
  • My occupation is 6th grade student,an normal editor
  • I am male
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  • Broken Rule - Vandalism

    Do Not vandalize the front page wikia. You have done a ridiculous crime by destroying the work of Collagen and I, and was lucky it was fixable. But this is one of the three warnings you will get After that I have the right to take away editing privileges or take action that WILL affect everyone and that will be because of you.

    The proof is written, you deleted 90% of the code on the front page. You have been warned. Do not try to get on my bad side, I am the hawk of this wikia, I check every edits from enormous ones to the tiniest detail, don't think you can get away from anything. This is for the security of Choro Q Wikia. You are lucky to get a warning, most do not survive another day...

    You have been warned... 1/3

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    • i just fixed an error in the date it was 127 instead of 27 and i tried to fix it

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    • Next time tell an active administer about a problem, alright? The front page is purely created from small codes and is very dificult to understand for many of the people here aside from probably Collagen and I.

      Why don't you help me with fixing some broken links? I need to re-check 1,511 pages, and it might as well redeem yourself somewhat. ^^

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    • ok and to not make this mistake again i will learn coding

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • if the names are changed to the original names it will cause some confusion

    This topic has been brought up in July 2014 in a different way.

     LunaHydreigon : Can we just keep that as "Road Trip Adventure? It's because I've edited a lot of pages saying Road Trip Adventure, I'm sure everyone knows it as HG2, but it's just because it's a very popular game that is known as RTA. Maybe we should stick to the HG3/Gadget Racers and HG4/ChoroQ problem.

    Gerarghini Reply : The problem is attempting to keep everything simple and unified; having HG, HG2, HG3, and HG4. Plus. it might be Road Trip Adventure for the US but it's Everywhere Road Trip in PAL regions so It'd have to be either RTA or ERT. Plus Choro Q is primarily Japanese so I would keep it as HG2

    Both "Gadget Racers", "Choro Q" and "Penny Racers" are all different dependent on EU/JPN/NA. Using the original names will be more easier as they are more diversed. Though this is already implanted into the wikia or still being implanted as so at Gerarghini's request. Despite the fact this wikia runs on UK Engish and time zone. (There is a different between EU and NA English.)

    ChoroQ (NA/EU) - Choro Q HG 4

    Gadget Racers (EU) - Choro Q HG 3

    Road Trip Adventure (EU) / Road Trip Everywhere (NA) - Choro Q HG 2

    Gadget Racers (NA) / Penny Racers (EU) - Choro Q HG

    Seek and Destroy (NA/EU) - Shin Combat Choro Q

    Penny Racers Turbo Speed Way - Choro Q Wii

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  • Hi, welcome to Choro Q Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:Dan the q wolf page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • hi i  have the idea to ad 1 more page to choro q hg 4: fusing list. the fusing list is a page

      that shows all item fusions and also another page for choro q hg hg2 hg3 hg4 and wonderful: racing tips. the racing tips will show some choro q racing tips i hope u like my ideas =D

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    • I was planning to add such thing in the near future once I have finished fusing all the items for Choro Q HG 4 as I do HG 4 Pages while doing the Walkthrough. Though I do have the master list on Item Fusion but it is not ready to be recreated onto the wikia.

      As for the Choro Q Racing Tips, there is no exact way to win a race, the only tip is: Skill and Practice. The more you practice the better the skill. For example, I have been playing Choro Q for eight years, but I have experience from other racing games such as BurnOut and WipeOut Pure so I understand about drifting and turning. Though it is a good idea, I will add it within the FAQ as "How do I beat races?" Or something along those lines within the next few days hopefully.

      Please consult with an admin, but considerly me as I seem to be running the Wikia here, before making pages. Thank you. :)

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    • ok ill be waitng for the pages

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  • today i joined the wiki

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    • A FANDOM user
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