Kevin's Mum (Japanese: ケビンお母さん Kebin no okāsan) is the mother of Kevin. After finding Kevin, you take him to his mother, who thanks you, but then tells you to leave because she wants to be alone with her son. She lives in the centre of Peach Town.


  • (When Kevin is missing) "My little Kevin is missing! Oh where oh where can he be? Hey you! Don't just stand there, Help me find little Kevin!"
  • (After Kevin has been found) "Ah!!!! My little Kevin! Ohhh, where have you been? Gosh, you had mummy so worried! Huh? You? What are you still doin' here? You can go now!"
  • "Oh, little Kevin. Oh, little Kevin. Oh so cute! Oh so cute! Oh! You! You were here? What can you want? Little Kevin is out playing. You should be on your way."

Trivia Edit

  • Like Kevin, she is a VW Beetle, but is the original model spec though, most likely because she is his mother.
  • A similar-looking VW Beetle named Miranda appears in Choro-Q HG 3, and also happens to be a parent (of an unnamed child). Is Miranda and Kevin's Mum the same character?