"I want you to take this. This is the best part I've ever made, after long years of research."


The Jet Turbine is a special part available in Choro-Q HG 2 that, when used with the Jet Fire button, gives the player a massive boost to both acceleration and top speed at the cost of draining fuel at an extremely fast rate.

It can be obtained from Sandro for free on Papaya Island after helping him find his missing wife, Kerori. Afterwards, copies of the Jet Turbine can be purchased from Suess in My City for 10,000 currency each.

Performance Edit

The Jet Turbine is one of the most powerful and versatile parts available in Choro-Q HG 2, capable of catapulting even the slowest Choro-Qs up to breakneck speeds with little effort. Though not obvious at first, along with providing tons of acceleration and speed, the Jet Turbine can also provide a great amount of forward traction on any surface when used. This can prove invaluable on certain tracks that combine both Road and Off-Road (e.g Night Glow Raceway) or if the player accidentally fumbles a turn and loses grip.


  • Never use the Jet Turbine in very small bursts (e.g, tapping the Jet Fire button constantly instead of simply holding it down) as it can still drain fuel quickly, but does not give enough of a boost to be worth it. One example of this ineffective action can be found during the credits movie.
  • Only when used with the Flight Wing can you achieve proper flight, once over 300km/h.
  • Use a full boost before going into the pits in Endurance Run as this will give you more speed and you will lose less time to other opposing racers.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, despite its extremely strong performance, the Jet Turbine isn't tied to your Adventure progress and can be obtained right at the start of the game, much like the Propeller and Wing Set. This can make the beginning of the game incredibly easy, as you'll have more than enough power to blow through all of the Rank C and even some Rank B races with just the Jet Turbine.
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