Iwasuke is a recruitable car found in Fuji City. He lays in the outskirts, east of the castle. Iwasuke believes he is the fastest car in the world, and claims he is faster than the sea wind. For meeting him, you get Stamp 18.


  • "Oh! What a surprise! It's unusual for people to visit me, but it's really nice here. You can see the ocean. Do you have a propeller? I sometimes use one to drive faster underwater. Where can you get one? I don't know. I got mine from my grandpa long ago. I think my grandpa said he got it in a building under the sea, near a snow capped mountain. Well, stop in anytime."
  • (Before recruiting him) "I think I'm the fastest driver in the world. I won't even lose to the sea wind. Will you let me join your team?"
  • (Declining his request) "I see. Too bad. I thought my cool driving would help your team."
  • (Accepting his request) "Thanks. I really wanted a teammate. I'll work harder than your old teammate."
  • (Whilst on the team) "Oh! It's you! Let's have a good race!"
  • "My grandpa said he got the propeller in a building under the sea, near a snow capped mountain. Anyway, you're about the only one who comes here. I'm lonely."

Trivia Edit

  • Iwasuke said his grandfather got a propeller from some ruins under the sea, near a snow-capped mountain. He is in fact referring to the undersea ruins east of Papaya Island, where you can get both the Propeller and Wing Set.
  • It's almost impossible to get to Iwasuke but there are 2 ways to get to him: go left from Hakosuke's house and keep balanced on the edge, or get the big tires and charge and jump over the two large rocks next to the step west of Fuji City.