Herby (Japanese: ハービー Hābī) runs the fertiliser shop, he gives the protagonist a Fertilizer to give to a farmer then gives a billboard to promote his shop.


  • "Welcome. Would you like some soothing herb for those sleepless nights? I bet you'd have a nice dream if you sleep with parsley, rosemary, and sage under your pillow. Sigh...but they haven't been selling well. I suppose there's not enough advertisement. Hey you! Would you like to work part-time? All I ask is for you to drive around with our logo on your car. For every mile, I'll give you 10 {unit}."
  • "Oh, thank you very much. Here's the logo. Let me put it on really quick. Please come by some time. Depending on the distance, I will pay you a part-time fee. If you'd like, please take some of our special fertiliser too. Fruits and vegetables will blossom with this. Well, thank you very much."
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