Hanako is a recruitable car who is found in Fuji City. She had heard of My City, though however is concerned about it, thinking it will be hard to sell land to cars. She herself states she is not interested in it, and likes her home at Fuji City.


  • (Before asking to be the protagonist's teammate) "What? Are you asking me? You just asked me if I wanted to be in your team, right?"
  • (Declining her request) What? No? I must have heard you wrong.
  • (Accepting her request) "Hmm... all right. I will work with you if you trade your old teammate."
  • (Whilst on the team) "Do your best! I'll try hard too."
  • (About My City) "Guess what! I heard they will soon build a modern city called My City. The estate agent is concerned that people won't buy the land there. I like living here, so it has nothing to do with me."


  • Hanako's name means "flower" (hana) and "child" (ko) in Japanese, this forms up "flower child".
  • It is very common name like Tom in English or Carlo in Itarian.You can see on templetes of ward office entry examples in Japan(if it was litten as famale.male virsion is Taro(Tarou) or Ichiro(Ichirou) rou(郎) means man. ichi(一) is one(1)).