Football, also called Soccer in the North American version, is a popular mini-game located in SandpolisBlack City, and Noise City. It uses a 3 on 3 format, and follows simple association football rules - get the ball to the back of the net.

Choro-Q HG 2 Objective Edit

When one has 2 team-mates, they can particpate in the Football mini-game. The aim of the game is to score 3 goals. When playing in Adventure mode, you are default Red Team and play against a team of yellow/blue two-tone Lamborghinis (Their team is named "Blue"). When playing in 2-player mode, Player 1 is red, and Player 2 is obviously the corresponding blue.

There are no sidelines, so the car can hit the ball against the wall and yet not receive a throw-in. It is also played in a moderately large football stadium, however, the stadium cannot be found in the real Choro-Q HG 2 world.

HG2 2PSoccer

2 Players Mode Artwork.

Choro-Q HG 3 ObjectiveEdit

The player will side on Team Red as their subsitute player. Each team is equip with either, Jumping Heli or Hovercraft, with Air Floater or Big Tyres. The point of the game is to beat the opposing team. This is more difficult as players can block the ball by jumping.

Choro-Q Wonderful! Objective Edit

The player will be teamed with another car on Team Blue in a 2-vs-2 soccer battle against Team Red.

Trivia Edit

  • The adverts on the sideline feature developers of the game, and artwork from the albums of the artists who sang the songs on Peach FM.
  • World-famous footballer Mr. King plays as a goalkeeper for the Blue Team.
  • Mr. King's teammates (the yellow/blue Lamborghini Countach and the yellow/blue Lamborghini Diablo) are not seen anywhere else in the game.
  • The concept for vehicular football/soccer would suddenly evolve onto the 2015 game Rocket League, which became one of the best-selling games.