Echo Forest (Japanese: エコーフォレスト Ekōforesuto) is the second town in the Choro-Q HG 3 world, 1 flag is required to enter.

Background Edit

Echo Forest is a village covered with trees and also known for the racecourse tunnels.

Local buildings Edit

  • Cheese's Hut
  • Cadence's Hut
  • Echo Branch Shop
  • Clavy's Hut
  • Kirisa's Hut
  • Abandoned building
  • Calcia's Hut
  • Macky's Hut
  • Morge's Hut
  • Sammy's Hut
  • Frog Ornament Shop
  • Fertilizer Shop
  • Garma's Hut
  • Rica's Hut
  • Oliver's Hut
  • Mayor Poonk's Estate

Inhabitants Edit

Biddings Edit

Cheese : Problem solving items in a role playing adventure game.

Calcia : Needs help with identifying mushrooms.

Nayson : Curious about the building, gives you a Bari-Bari flag.

Kyuno : New, modern, body (Body 150)

FroKero : Worldwide frog delivery HERBY: Fertilizer promotion.

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