Colonel Hoffman (originally known in Japan as ボルナソス大佐 (Borunasosu Taisa Colonel Borunasosu)) is an antagonist character in Shin-Combat Choro-Q. He is a colonel who serves in the Q-Stein Empire. His most notable appearance was during the siege on Rivageders in "Beacon of the Counterattack", where he led a battalion of Marder II tank destroyers into battle and himself destroyed the clock tower, before losing his soldiers and fleeing the city because of the successful repulsion by the newer Proton soldiers and their ace. His escape didn't help him survive the inevitable, though, even with backup from Q-Stein reserve units. The same Protons that thwarted the previous attack eventually reached him on the plains, where most Q-Stein forces in the area were destroyed, Hoffman along with them.

He can be spared in one mission and killed in two missions at the very beginning; though canonically, he escapes Rivageders after his troops are destroyed during "Beacon of the Counterattack", and is afterwards killed in a battle on the plains outside the city during the mission, "Save the Allies".

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Main Gun: Hoffman's primary weapon. It fires a crump shell at a long range. Hoffman is first seen using this to destroy the clock tower at Rivageders.
  • Bounce Bomb: Hoffmans' secondary weapon. This side mounted launcher fires two tracking bombs that bounce towards their target and explode on impact.

Quotes Edit

  • (Seeing his soldiers annihilated by the Protons) "Bummer....retreat!!"
  • (If destroyed in "Beacon of the Counterattack") "Shoot....I can't believe this!"
  • (Destroyed in "Save the Allies") "No..... I can't lose to you!"


  • Colonel Hoffman is originally known in Japan as ボルナソス大佐 (Borunasosu Taisa Colonel Borunasosu), and if there was an official English translation, it might be spelled such as "Bolnasoss", "Bornasoss", "Volnasoss", "Vornasoss" and so on.
  • The character is named after David Hoffman, who is an Executive Producer of Conspiracy Entertainment.
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