Choro Q of the Month

Year Month Character
2015 January  Norahike
2015 February Manei
2015 March Blonty
2015 April Marshal Volzol
2015 May Mason
2015 June Kite
2015 July Stance
2015 August Morris
2015 September Sigourney
2015 October Monsieur V
2015 November Polokoshley
2015 December Merci
2016 January Laltapass
2016 February Wolf
2016 March Otto
2016 April Kerori
2016 May Captain Boane
2016 June Major Rodeschild
2016 July Lisalisa
2016 August Norkia
2016 September Gate Man
2016 October Orpheus
2016 November Orpheus
2016 December Orpheus
2017 January Mayron
2017 February Busheme
2017 March Norsh
2017 April Eskan
2017 May Mayron
2017 June Micky
2017 July Matsugoro
2017 August Manei
2017 September Barry
2017 October Felna
2017 November Kevin's Mum
2017 December Daktan
2018 January Boyna
2018 February Zeron
2018 March Niko
2018 April Secretary
2018 May Maya Carton
2018 June Ansel
2018 July Lark
2020 January Heizo
2020 February Gonzo
2020 March King of Fuji City



May 30 2016*Welcome in two new members of the Q-Administration! GamingPS2 and Facepalm38! These two users were apart of the fair justice system on the Choro-Q Skype Chat and now they have joined us permanently here to be true Q-Admins of the Wikia! Congratulate them and let's hope they will enjoy their stay within our community~----

March 21 2016

Spring has finally arrived and the flowers are starting the blossom here at My City! Let's start this season with another peaceful victory as this wikia lives another season!

  • The Q-Administration has been taking a break to have so fun with their lives and to celebrate how far we have gotten on this wikia! Questions may still be asked regarding other games and we shall help you! Just remember that LunaHydreigon will always be monitoring the wikia, even if she isn't editing, but don't fear! She'll usually fix any mistakes if you made any. Enjoy Fall everyone!

22 December 2015

The chilly Winter has arrived to the wikia! The Q-Admins wish you all a happy holiday! Enjoy the snow and presents!

1 January 2016

Happy New Year! The Q-Admins wish you all have a fun holiday! Enjoy the break!

26 November 2015

Going back to our original scheme of the Wikia, we wish everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, to have a great one! Enjoy your turkey!

15 November 2015

We shall now honor those who were lost in the terrorist attack of November 13 2015 for all of you in France, we will you the best of luck!

25 October 2015

Hello there! I, LunaHydreigon wanted to update on you, contributor, about the new link now available to be accessed by non-Skype Users. Follow this link and automatically join the chat without an account! This is now permanently replacing the Live Chat on Wikia! Cooper, Royal and I can't wait to see you there! Be sure to read the rules in the Announcement Thread as you may not be qualified. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING USERS.

12 August 2015

Let's all give a warm applause for Royaltf427 in becoming a official Q-Administrator! We hope to welcome him into the Q-Admins spot and hope we will see his awesome work around the wikia real soon!

14 July 2015

Due to recent anonymous editing with fatal errors and causing work for the Q-Admins, we wish you all to never put in your own personal feelings about things or just plain destroy pages. If you are really unsure about something ask LunaHyreigon or TheLazyCooper! Just remember, most of these information is correct or may be wrong, LunaHydreigon will always be checking over all edits made by non Q-Admins to fix errors, so please don't be afraid to come back and edit. ~Thank you, LunaHydreigon

21 June 2015

Summer has arrive to the wikia along with the heat! Let's enjoy the summer with a new background for the wikia!

26 May 2015

Let's give a warm welcome back to our Co-Founder, Gerarghini! We hope to continue further success with this wikia with the returning admins coming back to the wikia!

LunaHydreigonBOT is Offline. Let LunaHydreigon know about any problems! Pages have broken links that need to be re-linked or re-published! Yay!

3 March 2015

Thelazycooper has now been promoted as administrator, let's all congratulate him on the promotion and hope to see he will continue doing his best for the wikia!
Update: Front page admin list has been updated! New releases has been placed on front and will be controlled by LunaHydreigon.

3 March 2015

Springtime has arived early to the Choro-Q Wikia! Enjoy the new scenery by LunaHydreigon!

27 February 2015

LunaHydreigon will be introducing the Choro-Q Disambiguation Page! This will decrease the unnecessary excess crowding on pages. She shall now be separating all the pages into pieces! For those working on the Choro-Q Wii parts, please make sure to '(Choro-Q ____)' the title if it contradicts with another page! She shall also be revamping the ugly mess of redirects and fixing up all the broken links it causes. This will take a couple of weeks but it shall be done. During that time there is still lots to do here so remember to check the stub articles!

14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day! Let's give this Wikia and the Q Admins some love by giving it some edits this week! At this time LunaHydreigon is making possible new icons for certain pages such as the FAQ's mascot page will be replaced with new Choro-Q HG 4 Icons that has been seen on a few pages, this is still being planned out to see how they will effect the wikia as they are GIFs which cause lag sometimes. There is still lots to do here so remember to check the stub articles and edit them!

1 January 2015

Thank you everyone for working hard to get this wikia up within a few months! We wish you a Happy New Year and hope to continue to create this wikia till it is completed! There is still lots here so remember to check the stub articles and edit them!

7 December 2014

We are happy to announce that there are now at least 173 stubbed articles left! This wikia is 87% complete! Thank you all that have helped us so far! Within over 7 months, we have made it to the goal to finally have it nearly complete! Many updates are to come as there is a plan to have a new seasonal background designed by LunaHydreigon! Also we would like to find users to start helping us set up the Penny Racers Party: Turbo-Q Speedway, Seek and Destroy, and Choro Q HG pages! There is still lots here so remember to check the stub articles and edit them!

30 September 2014

We are happy to announce that all the Choro Q HG 4 and Choro Q HG 2 Pages are remodeled and most are complete! Let's give a big clap to the admins and wikia users for this fantastic milestone! Thank you all for helping us come this far and helping Tigernose get this wikia back up and running after so many years! There is still lots here so remember to check the stub articles and edit them!

8 September 2014

Lets give a very late welcome back to: Crescendospectredagon who has now joined our ranks as admin!
We shall now update our two statuses
- LunaHydreigon has now checked around approximately 763 wikia pages and fixed their templates! Though over 3/4 of the pages are incomplete! They need your help to be filled out! Be sure to check the Choro Q FAQ for more information on how to edit templates!
- At this time Crescendospectredagon is currently updating the long to be completed Choro Q HG 3 Pages!
Everyone is working hard and we hope to finish our inspection and begin fully adding pictures and fixing unnecessary errors and issues also! If you want to help check the stub articles or our public To-Do List!!!

23 July 2014

We have reached a milestone! LunaHydreigon, Gerarghini and Royaltf427 all have been working hard to cover all of the pages on this wikia! At this time this wikia is 25% Checked and Reviewed! Congratulations to everyone! We will continue hard on the work to make this a great wikia!

4 July 2014

Happy Forth of July for Americans!
LunaHydreigon and Collagen have been made as Admins!
All Gadget Racers (EU) will be changed into Choro Q HG 3 to cause less confusion!
All ChoroQ (USA) will be changed into Choro Q HG 4 to cause less confusion!

23 June 2014

LunaHydreigon and Collagen are working as much as they can do as regular users on making sure everything is up to date with this wikia!

17 December 2008

Gameknowledge and Tigernose have started a new YouTube account for Road Trip Adventure videos. This new account is called "RoadTripVids".

15 February 2012

Road Trip Adventure is now available on the PlayStation Store to play on your PS3 for only £3.99!

23 January 2011

Check out Tigernose's Let's Play of Road Trip Adventure on the official Choro Q Wiki YouTube channel, here! Tigernose will be collecting all the stamps for a 100% completion of the game.

20 October 2010

We will be moving off Wikia in the future. Our URL will change to either, or possibly! Please click here to learn more about this, and how you can help!

4 October 2009

We have our own IRC channel! That means we can directly chat to eachother about the game and the wiki. To learn more about this, click here.

9 August 2009

Firstly, because of the transition, every ingame article must have a section called "appearances". This section shows what game the subject of the article appears in. Please with an indent, name the game in italics, underneath the heading. Thanks. Also, I introduced AJAX to the wiki system. This simply auto-refreshes some pages. To enable it, press "CTRL+F5", and then go to the recent changes and click on the tick-box at the top of the page saying AJAX. Thanks.

1 August 2009

We are now officially the Choro Q wiki! We advise anyone who knows about the other games to make edits now, and for existing users we advise you to change all "Road Trip Adventure Wiki" namespaces to become Choro Q namespace pages.

Discontinued Bellow...Edit

The Choro Q Wiki's main page has a Fact of the Week section. Every week, a new one is added and the old ones are archived here.

May 21st - May 28thEdit

It is possible to earn 6 Stamps at once. (The five stamps for the Figure 8 Arena and either Visited all the Houses in Sandpolis or the stamp for obtaining your own Garage).

May 28th - June 5thEdit

  • In Road Trip Adventure, when competing in the World Grand Prix, if you select Ranking from the Pause Menu the locations of all the racers other than you and your teammates will be displayed as '???'.

June 5th - June 15thEdit

There is a bar in every city in Road Trip Adventure apart from CloudHill and My City.

June 15th - June 21stEdit

If, when playing the Volcano Course in RTA, you pause the game just as you are falling off, your car will continue falling. Below the lava is a black surface, which you will land on.

June 21st - July 14thEdit

(Sorry for my lateness!)

There are two Quick-Pic Shops that share the same Puti logo, in the Sand-Canyon Highway.

July 14th - July 24thEdit

Road Trip is not the only game in the Choro Q Series with StampsChoro Q Wonderful (チョロQワンダフォー) has stamps as well.

July 24th-???Edit

4 of the 5 advertisements that you can wear on top of your car in Road Trip are for food. Have you ever wondered how the cars eat?

September 9th 2010 - ???Edit

Did you know that you can re-edit articles after they were edited?

September 9th 2010 - ???Edit

The two vehicles that are the only ones that has real-life sizes are the zombie Qs and the ChoroQ100 (2003 Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa).

September 9th 2010 - ???Edit

Zombie Qs and Security Robots have the same patrol functions and have different sorts of reactions towards the player.

October 2th 2010 - ???Edit

Always save your game before quitting. You will never know who is doing something to your data on one of your Choro Q games.

October 8th 2010 - ???Edit

Choro Q Works was an updated sequel of ChoroQ. However, it was never released outside of Japan because it was never highly popular in Japan. It was the 20th ChoroQ game.

October 8th 2010 - ???Edit

Choro Q Works also plays the soundtrack instruments that sounds exactly like the ones from the first Choro Q High Grade game called "Penny Racers" (also called Gadget Racers in North America and Choro Q HG in Japan).

October 8th 2010 - ???Edit

The boats from Seek and Destroy have the same appearances as the ones from the Choro Q's boat racing game called "Choro Q Marine Steer".

8 April 2014 - 14 April 2014Edit

The Racing Paint option in Gadget Racers and Choro Q only have a unique left side, with the right side being a mirrored image of the left side!

16 April - 22 AprilEdit

Body "ChoroQ196" in Choro Q HG 4 is an original design created by Tadashi Kamitake (上武 理志 Kamitake Tadashi), Kamitake being a designer for Barnhouse Effect. Nicknamed the "Kamitaze Kamikaze," This body is also the body of choice for Kamikaze in-game.

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