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Choro-Q Games (To Be Fixed/Updated)

Choro-Q MSX Front Cover ArtChoroQ1996Q2FrontChoro-Q3Choro Q Jet Rainbow WingsChoro Q Marine Q-BoatChoroQ 64 - Japanese box artCombat ChoroQ - Japanese box artChoro Q ParkChoro Q Hyper Customable GBChoroQ Wonderful!Choro Q 64 2 Hacha Mecha Grand PrixBlockedChoroQ HGChoro Q Advance (Japan)Choro Q HG 2Seek and DestroyBlockedBlockedChoro Q Advance 2L p1005147080CQGCBABlockedChoro Q HG 4BoxPenny Racers Party Turbo-Q SpeedwayMini Motor Racing WRT Logo

Choro-Q of the Month!

Larkis a builder who lives in his shack with plenty of tools he uses. He is busy and has a short temper, later he was bored and the protagonist tells him to build a bridge. After the bridge is built, he is now sanguine because of the thankfulness from the bridge..

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