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Announcements and Updates

  • The Choro-Q Wiki is going under massive renovations involving their extremely outdated infoboxes. The old infoboxes were created through coding, and cannot be updated, the only way to update requires deleting them and remaking the code, then having a BOT run through and fix errors.
  • If something is missing or broken, please let LunaHydreigon know as soon as possible on her message wall! Thank you!
  • Our current goal this month is to attempt to:
    • Update/Combine Infoboxes as necessary to be based on per game.
    • Remove "Appearances" Tabs (Remove redundancy)
    • Label Character Model Types (When categories are created like Sedan, Truck, etc.)

  • Hello Q-members! Do you want to help the wikia grow? Well, we need help on finish and creating new pages! Lend us your knowledge and help us out! Check the Article Stubs and edit them!

Choro-Q of the Month!

Grayka (Japanese: グレイカ Gureika) is the owner of the Thunderball Drive-In. He is also the host of the Towing and Refuelling mini-games when there are emergencies occurring in town.

Choro-Q Games

Choro-Q MSX Games.pngChoro-Q Ver. 1.02 Games.pngChoro-Q 2 Games.pngChoro-Q 3 Games.pngChoro-Q Hyper Customable GB Games.pngChoro Q Marine Q-Boat Games.pngChoro Q 64 Games.pngCombat Choro-Q Games.pngChoro-Q Park Games.pngChoro-Q Hyper Customable GB Games.pngChoro-Q Wonderful Games.pngChoro-Q 64 2 Hachamecha Grand Prix Race Games.pngPerfect Choro-Q Games.pngChoro-Q HG Games.pngChoro-Q Advance Games.pngChoro-Q HG 2 Games.pngShin-Combat Choro-Q Games.pngCombat Choro Q Advance Daisakusen JPN Games.pngBoku no Choro Q Games.pngChoro-Q Advance 2 Games.pngChoro-Q HG 3 Games.pngChoro-Q! Games.pngChoro-Q HG 4 Games.pngChoro-Q Works Games.pngChoro-Q Wii Games.png


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