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Choro-Q Works (Japanese: チョロQワークス) is a construction-based game for the PlayStation 2 published by ATLUS, developed by Barnhouse Effect. It was sold only in Japan.


At the start of the game, the protagonist arrives at the immigration office, and the immigration officer asks the protagonist's name. After that, the immigration officer asks the protagonist to select a body from the dressing room. After you decide, he takes a photo and gives you a passport of ミリーガーアイランド (Mi-rī-gā Island), where you arrived.

In the beginning of the cutscene, the player arrives to the gate of first town, マジハタウン (Ma-ji-ha Town). The gate was opened to enter, and you go along the street. But then, the sky over the town suddenly turns dark. And soon, a big shadow appears in the sky. 大魔王 (Da-i-ma-ō Archenemy), who was beaten by a legendary hero 50 years ago, has revived...!

It rampages to break down the town, houses, trees and gates. After it is done, it leaves the town.

In the second cutscene, an old man, ニーゴじいさん (Nī-go Ji-i-sa-n Granpa Nīgo) drives by the player, but gets paralysed because of 大魔王 (Da-i-ma-ō Archenemy) a minute ago. So he asks you to deliver a package to a friend of his. When you deliver it to his friend, バオポス (Ba-o-po-su), he gives you some basic info such as "systems" of ミリーガーアイランド (Mi-rī-gā Island).


  • マジハタウン (Ma-ji-ha Town)
  • バイズタウン (Ba-i-zu Town)
  • レシフタウン (Re-shi-fu Town)
  • ラグゼータウン (Ra-gu-zē Town)
  • アルディータウン (A-ru-dee Town)
  • マジハ動物園 (Ma-ji-ha Dō-bu-tsu-e-n Majiha Zoo)
  • ネベロード (Ne-be Road)
  • アプネルロード (A-pu-ne-ru Road)
  • ダウネルロード (Da-u-ne-ru Road)
  • ヒスロード (Hi-su Road)
  • ポールロード (Pō-ru Road)
  • マジハレース場 (Ma-ji-ha Rēsujō Majiha Racing Area)
  • ドラグレース場 (Do-ra-gu Rēsujō Doragu Racing Area)



  • テクニカル (Technical)
  • ハード (Hard)
  • レーサー (Racing)
  • ナチュラリー (Natural)
  • トレーダー (Trading)
  • スペシャリスト (Specialist)
  • ロードランナー (Road Driver)
  • ジェネラル (General)

Bodies & PartsEdit

  • Bodies parts
  • Working Parts
  • Racing Parts
  • Steering Wheels
  • Transmissions
  • Engines
  • Brakes
  • Tires/Tyres
  • Wheels Horns
  • Meters


  • This is the first Choro-Q game released after the High Grade/HG series of games prior.
  • It's the first game in the series that features licensed cars. There are forty real-world licensed cars to use as bodies.
  • It is the first Choro-Q game to feature cel-shaded graphics.
  • Choro-Q Works was never released outside of Japan.
  • The sound effects and special effects are similar to the ones used in Choro-Q HG 4.
  • The game was created by the same staff that made Choro-Q HG 4.
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