Choro-Q Marine: Q-Boat (Japanese: チョロQマリン Qボート) is an action racing game of ships, boats, cruisers, etc. on the Sony Playstation. The game was published by Takara, developed by Barnhouse Effect, and sold only in Japan. It appears that "Choro-Q Marine" is a main title and "Q-Boat" is a sub title, but Q-Boat IS TREATED as a main title.

It was first released on June 25, 1998. Almost two months later on August 12, 1998, it was re-released as part of The Best for Family collection. Almost six years since the original release date on June 24, 2004, the game was re-released as part of the PS One Books collection.

Game TypeEdit

It is a racing game like with Penny Racers for PS1 (Choro-Q 1), Choro-Q 2, Choro-Q 3 and Penny Racers for PS2 (Choro-Q HG). It also has a gameplay mode with a variety of missions to be completed.

The PlayerEdit

You will enter your name first, and you will be at the top menu called ゲームセレクト (Game Select Select Game). You can select フリーラン (Free Run Free Cruise), レース (Race), ステータス (Status), ??? (???, it cannot be selected at first. it becomes エクストラ (Extras) after done all Missions and Races), and セーブ&ロード (Save & Load).
The Player cannot have your own CUSTOMIZED Q-Boat like the other Choro-Q series. Just collect many Q-Boats, which have each performance, and you use them.


In the game, all of the ships, boats, cruisers, sea animals etc. are called Q-Boats. The game has many Q-Boats and almost all of them are based on real ships/boats/cruisers. The sea animal Q-Boats are based from the real life animals.

See List of Boat Information in Choro-Q Marine: Q-Boat for more details


  • オーシャンブルー (Ocean Blue / Blue Ocean)
  • グリークベイ (Greek Bay)
  • アクロポリス (Acropolis)
  • リゾートビーチ (Resort Beach)
  • ビーチケーブ (Beach Cave)
  • ジャングルカナル (Jungle Canal)
  • コーラルリーフ (Coral Reef)
  • アジアンリバー (Asian River)
  • ディーブシティ (Deep City)
  • キャッスルリバー (Castle River)
  • ジュラシックシー (Jurassic Sea)
  • アイスバーン (Eisbahn / Ice Rink / Iced Road)
  • アイスプレート (Ice Plate)
  • ボルケーノヒート (Volcano Heat)
  • ホットクラスター (Hot Cruster / Hot Crust)


  • レスキューマン (Rescue Man)
  • ブロケードランナー (Brocade Runner)
  • ラジオアクティブ (Radioactive)
  • セイルヘッド (Sail Head)
  • ボーナス1 (Bonus 1)
  • オイルクラッシュ (Oil Crush / Oil Crash)
  • サザンクロス (Southern Cross)
  • オーシャンライン (Ocean Line)
  • マインフィールド (Mine Field)
  • ボーナス2 (Bonus 2)
  • ダムサイト (Dam Site)
  • グッドウェイ (Goodway / Good Way)
  • アイスブレーカー (Ice Breaker)
  • フィルタプラント (Filter Plant)
  • アイアンデューク (Iron Duke)

Extras Edit

  • マリノイド・ベイ (Marinoid Bay)
  • デスファイト (Death Fight)
  • ラストミッション (Last Mission / The Last Mission)
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