Choro-Q Hyper Customable GB is a game developed for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. It was released in 1999 in Japan only.

It is based on the Customable Choro-Q toyline.

This is one of the few Choro-Q games to have human characters in the game (rather than the characters consisting of vehicles).

Gameplay Edit

When the player starts a new game, the user inputs his/her name and then the game transitions to the protagonist's bedroom (unlike other Choro-Q games the protagonist is an actual person, not a car). The player starts with 500G.

The protagonist can go walk through the town, which includes your house, the shop, a park, a shrine/temple, and a large silver building.

You get your first Penny Racer by entering the large silver building, and you can customize it here. Additional parts can be purchased from the shop.

Once you have a car, you can race others at the shrine/temple. Battles are 1-on-1 and the cars are Penny Racers (rather than self-driving cars). The objective of battles is to complete a lap around the circuit before the opponent. To do this you must aim your Penny Racer and then pull it back to launch your Penny Racer. Each aim/pullback/launch is considered a turn, and the Penny Racer will travel a certain distance before coming to a stop. Players take turns until there is a winner.

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