The Choro-Q HG 2 World is a vast area that is the main setting of Choro-Q HG 2. It is a large global area, meaning that if you drive into the Grand Ocean, and eventually off the World Map, you will reappear adjacent to where you left off. Despite this, the World Map also features rounded borders, which means that playable area of Choro-Q HG 2 is shown as an invisible circle on the World Map. The compass, for example is outside of the circle, and so are the other respective corners in the Map.

Background Edit

The Choro-Q HG 2 world is a large continent, which is home to many different climates, indicated by the many different cities. It has two islands, Papaya Island and Fuji City. The rest is mainland apart from Cloud Hill, which is in the sky, somewhere above Papaya Island. The world can be seen via the World Map (except Cloud Hill), found in the menu and explorers' homes. The shape of the continent resembles the shape of Italy to some extent, but not to 100% accuracy.


Although the actual size of the Choro-Q HG 2 world is debated, especially because the world map screen does not fully correspond with the actual game world. However, by driving a car at a constant speed across Island Bridge, the length of Island Bridge was estimated to be 1.0942 km. Calculations against a scale (using the world map) have resulted in an estimate of 34m2 (34 miles squared) for the size of the game world in Choro-Q HG 2. This however does not take in account the rather rounded shape of the actual world map, nor does it take in account Cloud Hill and the many "mini-gameworlds" that can be seen in races and mini-games.


The first town, the one which you start out in is called Peach Town, which has tarmac roads. A ring road takes you around Peach Town itself, and connects with a dirt road leading to the windmills, another dirt road leading to the farm, and a main road which will take you out of Peach Town.

Along this main road, there is another adjacent road which forks off the main road. This smaller road will take you to the east of Peach Town, towards the Barrel Rolling cave.

If you stick with the main road, this will take you along the beach, and across Island Bridge, leading you to Fuji City. Fuji City is an Oriental community centred on the large castle in the middle of the moat. The area consists mainly of dust roads.

At the other end of Fuji City there is the entrance to the tarmac of the large Fujipolis Highway. This long road will take you via My City (which you can visit after exiting the highway through a flyover), and Sandpolis (again accessed by coming off the highway at a larger junction).

Sandpolis and My City both have tarmac roads, although a section of Sandpolis (known as the Wild West Town) features dirt tracks. While My City is nothing more than a small area of grassland within a wall when you first start the game (you have to get other cars to move to the area), Sandpolis is a busy, bustling city from the off, with lots to explore.

The highway (also known at this point as the Sandcanyon Highway) ends at the entrance of a tunnel leading to Chestnut Canyon, a small but busy rural community which has dirt track roads. The area is built into a canyon, hence the name.

Beyond Chestnut Canyon is Mushroom Road - another small area with dust roads. Unlike Chestnut Canyon, Mushroom Road has very little inhabitants, and none of these are visible outside the buildings in the area.

Next along is White Mountain, which has frozen dirt roads surrounded by snow and ice. A snowy path will take you from the outskirts into the heart of White Mountain itself. From here you can choose to head right and drive along some roads which will take you past the frozen lake, under a tunnel and through rural dirt roads back to the windmills and to Peach Town. Alternatively you could go through the tunnel that goes through the inside of White Mountain which will take you to the Grand Ocean.

Below and in front of the end of the tunnel, there is a little underwater temple, with a car that will give you some parts and directions to Papaya Island. Or instead of going in the temple, you could keep going straight on to go towards Papaya Island.

Papaya Island is, as the name suggests, a tropical island with dust/sand roads. If you head here straight from the underwater temple, you will reach the cliff in front of you - turn left and you will surface on the main beach overlooking the Grand Ocean. To explore more of Papaya Island you can look out for a tunnel going away from the beach. This tunnel will take you along the river, leading to a jump onto a small island with a hut.

From this small hut you will be asked if you want to be beamed up to Cloud Hill. Cloud Hill is a series of smallish islands with tarmac roads above Papaya Island. The islands are connected by rainbow bridges. To exit Cloud Hill, you can drive off these bridges and you will find yourself back in Papaya Island.

Map ScreenEdit

The map screen itself is an adventurer's style map. It is in a slight oblique angle, however this also means it does not fully correspond with the real world.