Choro-Q 64 (チョロQQ64), also known as Penny Racers in North America and Europe, is an action racing game for the Nintendo 64.

Game modesEdit

  • ゲームスタート (Game Start Startgame)
  • コースエディット (Course Edit New Track)
  • チョロQオプション (Choro-Q Option Options)
  • サウンドオプション (Sound Option Audio)

Mode SelectEdit

Firstly, select how many プレイヤー (Players Drivers) will join a game.
Secondary, select レースモード (Race mode) from チョロQレース (Choro-Q Race Race Series - 1-4 Player(s) can try), タイムアタック (Time Attack Time Trial - Only 1 Driver can try).
Thirdly, select ベースクラス (Base Class Class) from C, B, A, and AA.
(At first, you can select only the C Class, and when you completed all the races in Class C, you will be able to select the next class.)


On the コースセレクト (Course Select Track Select), you can select a course from 9 racecourses.

  • おだやかなこうがい (Quiet Outskirt Country) - Sunny, On road, Easy
  • こはんのもり (Lakeside Forest Lakeside) - Rainy, On road, Normal
  • みなとにつづくまち (Town to the Harbor Harbor) - Sunny, On road, Hard
  • のどかなやまみち (Idyllic Mountain Road Mountain) - Sunny, Off road, Normal
  • よるのいせき (Night Ruins Ruins) - Night, Off road, Easy
  • かざんちたい (Volcano Area Volcano) - Night, Off road, Hard
  • だいせつざん (Great Snow Mountain Alpine) - Snowy, Icy road, Normal
  • どうくつのやま (Mountain of Cave Caves) - Sunny, Icy road, Normal
  • こおりのたいりく (Icy Continent Ice) - Sunny, Icy road, Hard




Choro-Q 64 2 Hacha Mecha Grand Prix Race

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