Choro-Q 2 (Japanese: チョロQ2) is the second 3D Choro-Q racing game released on the Sony PlayStation on February 21, 1997.[1] The game was never released outside of Japan, however there exists a fan translation on the internet.


Choro-Q has many new features and game modes.

  • グランプリをめざす (Guranpuri-o-Mezasu Aim for the Grand Prix, the word is known in the European Choro-Q 1 as "GRAND PRIX")
    • It is the main game mode, which the player unlocks items by winning races. You can drive Choro-Q Town to unlock shops such as the Parts Shop, Body Shop, Paint Shop, Trade In Shop, and so on, and a action stages such as Zero-Yon, Gymkhana, and a course.
  • とにかくあそぶ (Tonikaku Asobu Play Anyhow, the word is known in the European Choro-Q 1 as "FREE PLAY")
    • It is the 2nd game mode of Choro-Q 2, the player can use 6 Choro-Qs to racing in a few tracks of the game. In this mode, you can save/load the records of the races unlike Choro-Q.
  • ふたりであそぶ (Futari-de-Asobu Play with 2-Man, the word is known in the European Choro-Q 1 as "VS MODE")
    • This mode is a 2 player mode, so that two people can race together. Players can choose one of 6 cars, but they can be customized with a few parts. Also, players can choose the Memory Card to load their play data from to use their own customized cars.

When starting a new Aim for the Grand Prix game, the player has the choice of six starting bodies:

  • Toyota Corolla Levin (AE86)
  • Mazda RX-7 (FC)
  • Toyota MR2 (AW11)
  • Toyota Estima (1st Generation)
  • Toyota Crown Taxi*
  • Mitsubishi Fuso City Bus*

*Indicates special body

The player can participate in races to earn money, or go to a town to find locations such as shops, action stages, and a racecourse. You can upgrade your Choro-Q by buying parts from the part shops, as the player won many races, the first Grand Prix called the World Grand Prix will be held. The player's goal is winning the World Grand Prix and World Grand Prix and to defeat Blue Pegasus, a powerful racer. And after you beat the game, do not forget to complete Paleocourses with BlackMaria, the most powerful racer.



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