Choro-Q (Japanese: チョロQ) (also known as Penny Racers in Europe) was the first 3D Choro-Q racing game released on the Sony PlayStation.

It was re-released as Choro-Q Ver 1.02 as part of The Best for Family collection.


Choro-Q has many new features and game modes.

  • Grand Prix, is the main game mode, which the player unlock items by winning races.
  • Free Play, is the second game mode, the player can use a few vehicles to racing in a few tracks of the game.
  • VS Mode, this is a 2-player mode, players can race together.

The player can upgrade their Choro-Q car by buying parts from the part shops, as the player won many races, there is a store called "?", it sells more powerful parts and special items. There are four shops that the player can enter without unlocking them, such as the Parts Shop, Body Shop, Trade In Shop and Paint Shop. The player's goal is winning the World Grand Prix and defeating BlackMaria, the most powerful racer.


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