Captain Rombo is the sheriff of the wild-west themed town west of Sandpolis. He has a poster of a suspect called Butch and he wants you to get him to the police.

Quotes Edit

  • "Huh? Oh. Hello. I'm Captain Rombo. Nice to meet you. Huh? This poster? You have a good eye! You're right! He's the suspect! His name is Butch. Uh...he's a tyre thief. No, not diamond, but tyre. Troublesome situation, yes. He's hard to catch. If I could get some info... Oh! I can't ask you to, no... You're not a police officer."
  • "Hello? Can I help you? You have some information? No? All right. See you!"
  • (after Butch is caught and the protagonist goes to him) "Huh? Oh! Hello. I can't thank you enough! Unbelievable! A citizen catching Butch! Please accept this token of my gratitude. Next time I'll be the one protecting the city, yes."


  • He is secretly the father of Frank who gave him a toy gun but Frank seemed to dislike it and decided to play with the cat's cradle instead.