Blue City is a city in Choro-Q Wonderful! To get to it, there is a dirt ramp on the edge of Gold City. Then, there is a course similar to Choro-Q HG 2's Which-Way? Maze with numerous black (and some red) musical notes, which lead to two separate doors with musical notes on them. After going through the series of doors repeatedly, eventually the entrance doors to Blue City will appear at the end of the course (this part of the article may need additional information on the course).

Buildings in Blue City:

  • Coliseum (Figure 8 entry)
  • Golden Winged-Car Fountain
  • Grand Prix Race Entry (look for gold wheel statue)
  • Q's Factory

Inhabitants in Blue City:

  • Lavender Buick Roadmaster
  • Q's Factory Tow Truck
  • Teal/White Isuzu BXD-30
  • White Mazda R360
  • Willys Jeep