Accel (Japanese: アクセル Akuseru) is a resident originally from Peach Town, who thinks detectives are good and he wants to be a policeman in order to become one. He will later move to My City once the protagonist has told him about the place.

Quotes Edit

  • "Detectives are so cool! They provide peace and order. Gosh, I want to be a detective! I should be a policeman first."
  • "Do me a favour. Let me know if you find such a place. I'll be there in a flash!"
  • (Before telling him about My City) "Do you know of a place that needs a policeman?"
  • (After telling him about My City) "My City? I see. They don't have any policemen? That's dangerous! I'm going there!"
  • "Yippee! I'm one step closer to becoming a detective!"
  • "Hey! It's you! What's up! I finally became a policeman! It's all because you told me about this place. Hmm... I thought I sensed danger, but the city was peaceful! Safety first, right? By the way, I bought too much of this. I'll give the extra to you. I'll keep working hard to keep the peace!"


  • The name Accel may refer to the Police detective, Axel Foley from the Beverly Hills Cop movies, and could also derive from the word "Acceleration."
  • Before telling Accel about My City, he has a white/black body but does not have a police light. Once he moves to My City, he is equipped with the police light.
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