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• 7/7/2018

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• 10/12/2017

Road Trip Adventure: Repaved. A lil project of mine. But I need YOUR help!

Hey all!
My name is Ben, I am a College Student working on my Motion Graphics and Animation.
As you can tell by the title, I am doing a little project. Remastering the ENTIRE Choro-Q HG2 game within Unity and Autodesk Maya.
It may seem far fetched (and it is) buuuuuuut... I have actually made some PROGRESS on the 1st track in the game that you come across, Peach Raceway. It is still in development (and I haven't started coding the game yet due to issues with a brand new computer) But I am DETERMINED to give you guys what you want! Road Trip Adventure was (and still is) my favorite game, and with the market lacking in Racing games both in AAA and Indie, I want to change it. But I need EVERYONE within these forums to assist me though my journey, to bring this game to modern consoles and PC for fans and gamers alike to enjoy a small but impactful game again.
Like I said I have begun work on one track, I have used Maya and I am still working upon it. But I need you to tell me what you want added to it to give it a bit more of a 'modern' look to the game.
I will send images of the game later on. But untill then. Goodbye!
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• 10/26/2015

Team driving errors on Road Trip Adventure

Hey, I've got Peo and Diez as my two teammates in Road Trip adventure, I've recently picked up Diez so I am patient with him, but as for Peo, he has been in my team for a very long time, and has all the best available parts and yet he still takes such a wide lin on corners that he often ends up going off track. On Peach race way he rides along the grass and sand around the last bend and then loses 10-15 places, could anybody shed some light on this?
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• 9/19/2015

Choro Q HG4 bodies

how do i find body 194 in choro q hg4
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• 8/25/2015

Regarding Choro Q HG 3...

Does anyone have any idea where i can get a rom/iso of the game?
I own one in real life therefore its not illegal.
The only one i can find is penny racers (EU) and i was trying to find Gadget racers (EU)
Any information regarding this will be helpfull.
Thanks for reading.
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• 6/28/2015

Skype Live 24/7 Fan-Group Chat Rules (Updated April 28 2016)

>Click Here to Connect With Other Fans as a Guest!<
Welcome to the rule about the Chat, you can talk about Choro-Q to learn about what others know about Choro-Q and it's series of Chibi Cars! From Secrets to Facts to Guides and more! Get to know the Q-Admins LunaHydreigon and TheLazyCooper better along with Royaltf427, our translator!
How do you join us on Skype permanently?
Please follow into the link above to register there! If it is confirmed that you are not breaking any rules, and are polite, LunaHydreigon shall send you a Friend Request on Skype to allow you to permanently stay at the Choro-Q Chat! We are very open but please don't act suspicious.
Also remember, BE ACTIVE! The Chat can be really fast!
Here are the main rules:
Do not ask for personal information. (Although we get nosy to keep track of the age count and country count of the chat)
Please no 18+ content or speech. We have very young people within the chat! Also we don't want to ruin people's thoughts. Stay stay 13+
This is a English Speaking Chat! We do not allow non-english/international languages as we will not be able to understand you!
Do not challange or threaten the Q-Admins or other users.
Do not ask to friend request other Choro-Q Group Members on social media unless they said it was ok to send one in the first place.
No Cursing. Period.
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• 6/27/2015

the cd's In hg 4

i love the music in choro q ps2 (hg 4) where can I get/download it like cd 11 etc.
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• 5/15/2015

Choro-Q Roleplay Discussion Thread

This is created to cause less confusion. To head to the roleplay follow this link.
Here you can chat about stuff about the roleplay!
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• 5/7/2015

Other Users Character Information {DO NOT POST}

LunaHydreigon's acception information list of other characters that are not included in any blogs.

Alphonse Uprising

Character Name: Maverick Six
Age: 16
Car/Tank/Craft Model: '05 Ford GT
Color of Vehicle: Silver w/ black stripes on top, and bronze wheels.
Town Originated From: Peach Town
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• 5/6/2015

Choro Q Roleplay {Open} V.1

Discussion thread can be found here: Thread:9798

If this thread gets too laggy for you due to the amount of posts, let me know on my wall, I will make another topic, V.2, to fix the problem!


1. Be respectful and kind with one another, we don't want fights and rudness.
2. Write in an understandable language the best of your abilities! We all need to understand what is happening.
3. NO GOD MODDING! This is a big no no and means you may not take over situations and such without permission with the people around you if it affects them or not. (Like killing a character without anyone's permission.)
4. LunaHydreigon is in charge with distributing the canon characters if multiple people wants to control them, otherwise she is in charge and will control them for roleplay purposes, this is to cause less problems. Using canon characters as minor characters are allowed for small bits of information.
5. Be appropriate. Gore is allowed, which is pretty weird, but don't go into detail about "Blood" and how it had happened and stuff.
6. Let everyone know if you are not going to be on one day or will be busy for a while, don't leave anyone hanging otherwise you will be left behind in the roleplay.
7. If these rules are broken they will not result in a warning or ban but as a kind reminder, unless it is very offensive or breaks different rules that are part of the wikia in the Wikia Policies.
Locations Available for Roleplay:

Choro Q HG 2 World
Choro Q HG 3 World
Form Fill Out
Applies only to all users but LunaHydreigon, TheLazyCooper, and Dan the Q Wolf, and everyone else who has a character list post.
[Cooper's Blog] [Luna's Blog] [Dan's Blog]

Character Name:
Car/Tank/Craft Model:
Color of Vehicle:
Town Originated From:
Characters Owners:

LunaHydreigon (Main Controls) - Eclipse, Leman, Kamikaze, TBA...
TheLazyCooper - Cooper
Dan The Q Wolf - Dan, Engineer
Alphonse Uprising - Maverick Six
VapidStanier - Cross
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